The Rock and Danny DeVito crashed a wedding and sang a song for the bride and groom. Very charming duo. But I wonder how spontaneous it was because it was filmed for IGTV. That means there had to be a little bit of planning, to ensure that there were microphones for them etc. If you had a celebrity crash your big event – a birthday or wedding or whatever – would you like them to perform? I find most singing uncomfortable, so this wouldn’t be my choice. I’d much prefer that they dance, or make drinks.


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Jenna Dewan is denying she said, “She’s always so extra” during Camila Cabello’s performance. Here’s the video.

Now maybe she wasn’t calling Camila “extra” and she was talking about someone else. Maybe she does really love Camila, like she explained later on Instagram. That’s all fine and good, but did she not actually say, “She’s always so extra”? Because a lot of people see “she’s always so extra”. 


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It’s the dirtbag Olympics: pick your team.


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Lily Allen and David Harbour are one of those couples that always shocks people – “what, they’re dating?!” The information doesn’t stick even though it’s been months. The British tabloids are already on ring watch.


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According to The Cut, tendrils are making a comeback. Does that mean we all have to start layering our hair again? We should have seen it coming when plaid jackets and Prada creepers showed up


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There have been reports that Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are hanging out again – not surprising. They’ve gone back and forth a few times. But I’d like to focus on this birthday post. Gigi and Lily Aldridge are both models, so obviously it’s a great picture. But is that the best photo she had of Lily? Lily is looking at Gigi, and Gigi is looking at the camera. The rest of the photo album is a bit more Lily focused.


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