Several members of the Orange is the New Black cast showed up to support Uzo Aduba on opening night and they dressed for the theatre. Sequins and animal print and faux fur, it’s fun. Uzo’s red dress is the closest piece I’ve seen to Britney’s “Oops!... I did it again” that captures the essence of it but doesn’t look like a costume. Will this show ever get a reboot or a spinoff? 


Yesterday Lainey wrote about Gemma Chan’s Grinch green dress and today I am obsessed with another green outfit. The way there are two different shades of green and the sequin pants tucked into tall boots (that could go so wrong, but here it’s so right) is excellent. Tracee’s outfits are always bonkers good (she works closely with stylist Karla Welch). 


The Rock pulled a “you get a car!” on a dude and gave him his own custom truck. Very personal and heartwarming and, because The Rock can, he pointed out that Porsche said no when asked to participate. Do you think Porsche’s PR team is looking at this today and panicking, or it’s Porsche and they don’t give a f-ck? It’s not exactly a brand we associate with warmth and generosity but I would bet that going forward, Seven Bucks (The Rock’s production company) will be asking for other brands.

The And Just Like That series has so many leaks that I almost wonder if it’s a misinformation campaign because they are telling us everything! So this is a potential spoiler… you ready?... Samantha will be living in London and has fallen out with Carrie. I’m into this storyline, both because it is in line with Samantha’s adventurousness and because Carrie and Sam falling out is totally plausible. 


The headline of Dean McDermott getting into a “fistfight” shortly after Tori Spelling posted her Dean-less family Christmas photo kind of made me chuckle because it was a hockey fight! Or rather, a tussle. They didn’t even take their helmets off. I’m not here to defend Dean but in Canada, hockey fights don’t really count. 

I flagged these Beyoncé photos because nothing she does is by coincidence and releasing them around the time of the House of Gucci open, with those very detailed shots of her Gucci pieces, is on purpose, right?


Speaking of House of Gucci, the brand is now posting about the film after holding off for a long time.

I have a very basic Zoom system (as in no system) but I’m not surprised by Victoria Beckham’s set-up because she’s on camera a lot so of course good lightning is a must. But you know what I spy? A landline! We’ve had some insane weather where I live and my power was out and my cell service was down for hours last week, so maybe I need a landline again. (Lainey: I will never give up my landline!)