This morning, Lainey wrote about Jennifer Aniston’s responsible Thanksgiving celebration with Lord Chesterfield - he’s grown so much! On the other side of the country, Justin Theroux was having his own responsible celebration with Kuma. Going strictly by these two photos, how did these two not work out?! It’s the LA-NYC thing, I know, but they are still friends. Do you think they have a meeting date in mind for Lord Chesterfield and Kuma? They are kind of ex-stepsiblings. 


Friends, the TV show, did several Thanksgiving episodes (the most famous guest starred a Mr. Bradley Pitt – his highlights were so good back then). But the most famous moment is the turkey and Courteney Cox knows it. So, in this very bad 2020, she re-created it for everyone. How did she get that on her head? Is it a fake turkey? It looks real. There must be some kind of protective layer otherwise she has raw poultry juice all over her face, nose, eyes and mouth. The thought is making me gag.

Hailey Bieber cooked her first turkey and she’s right, it’s not burnt. It’s seasoned. Some people really don’t know the difference, which is why turkey is often so bland. 


Chrissy Teigen keeps sharing, she keeps going. 

Jay Cutler spent Thanksgiving with Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher who commented, “Man that was a lot of food for 8 masked people.” I don’t know about if there are any restrictions where they live, so I will refrain from comment. 


This year Martha Stewart chose the “blue turkey dishes” which implies that she has other turkey dish sets in different colours. Usually this would be the only source of fascination for me, but there are 10 place settings. She’s in the Hamptons. As many people in the comments pointed out, that’s a significant number. Is she any different than Jay Cutler and Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher?

I don’t think I’ve written about Niecy Nash and Jessica Betts since their surprise wedding, a bright spot in 2020. Here they are, getting ready to celebrate their first Thanksgiving. Someone should do a skincare story on them. The glow is real. 

Nick Kroll and Lily Kwong got married and on top of that, I completely missed the pregnancy announcement. They are very cute together.