How many celebrities gathered in big groups yesterday but agreed among themselves not to post on social media because… you know. We talked about this yesterday on The Social because here in Canada, one of the big headlines is Christmas and whether or not it’s cancelled and the confusing messaging around, well, everything, especially from region to region. People are understandably upset about potentially not being able to see their family members over the holidays. And people are talking about how many people will actually adhere to the guidelines. And also how quiet it’s going to be on Instagram and TikTok – not necessarily because people are putting away their phones but because they don’t want to get busted. 


In the past, during the holidays, Jennifer Aniston and/or her friends often shared scenes from their big celebrity group dinners. Remember her Friendsgiving dinner from last year? It was shortly after she joined Instagram. And Justin Theroux was invited. Which he was thirsting to tell us about even though he’s too arty and edgy for that LA life. He’ll take the benefits of LA connections though. 

Jen’s Instagram Thanksgiving looked a lot different this year – as it should. And if she did hang out in a large group, she was smart enough not to put herself on blast. Jen gave us a different kind of Thanksgiving content. I would argue it’s better. 

Back in October she revealed that she has a new family member. 


It’s been six weeks. And Lord Chesterfield has grown!

I mean, he’s still a dopey, gangly baby. But he’s definitely bigger. They get big so quickly, it’s heartbreaking! Obviously you want them to become healthy adults but the time goes by so fast! 

Anyway, like so many people have done this year, as we’ve all been at home so much, she’s raising another dog. Right now she gets to be with him every day. Right now my dogs think this is normal, for me to be home with them every day. And they’ve become suckier than ever. Look at Chesterfield’s little face. First of all he’s so cute I can’t stand it. But I can tell he’s already a suck. Also what are her shoes, they look excellent.