After so much Bennifer news today, checking in on Jennifer Garner (I lowkey don’t love how she gets shoved aside in the Bennifer narrative, she supported Ben Affleck through some real sh-t and came through it with her grace and sense of humor intact). She’s doing fine, dressing in festive overalls and doing a “what’s in my bag” video. Apparently, she hoards nuts like a squirrel. I wish she would namecheck the backpack, though, I am always looking for good backpacks! 


Glen Powell is in Washington, DC with his parents. Every time I see this family, I am struck by how he is a perfect combination of both his parents. No strong genes, just a perfect split of mom and dad DNA. Also, what assumptions are YOU making based on the fact that his dad proposed to his mom at the Jefferson Memorial? 


One of my favorite approaches to celebrity Instagram comes from comedian Anthony Jeselnik. He found the perfect solution to using social media as a person who is not interested in social media—let your pet be the star. His dog, Rummy, is a superior Pet Of Instagram, and lowkey advertises when Anthony is on the road, etc, for people looking for tour dates and what not. Also, just a very handsome good boy (he’s a rescue from Korea, not full Jindo, though).


Tracee Ellis Ross modelling her vintage Levi’s in front of a most excellent mirror is my mood for the day. 


Busy Philipps documented her post-Thanksgiving long weekend and “wondering if I’ll ever not feel 17 back here” hit hard. No matter how old we all get, a parent’s house always feels like a parent’s house. Also, is it just me or is that store amazingly empty on Black Friday?

Ree Drummond, aka the Pioneer Woman, having a peaceful post-Thanksgiving. My folks live in Oklahoma, and a BIG topic of conversation there is Killers of the Flower Moon, the Osage murders, and how it is the Drummond family came to own 9% of Osage County (the county was originally coterminous with the Osage reservation, that is no longer the case). The Drummonds are the billionaire oil family that Ree married into before becoming the Pioneer Woman. 


Her husband, Ladd, runs the family ranching operation outside Pawhuska, the capital of Osage Nation. None of this is on Ree, who married into the family and isn’t responsible for what the Drummond men did and do, but people are not shutting up about how the Drummonds made their money and got ahold of all that land in Osage County. Probably nothing will come of it—another Drummond brother is the attorney general of the state—but it’s worth checking in on the situation now and again, to see if the Drummonds will ever say any f-cking thing about how they DID get all that land, and the oil under it, in Osage County.