This celebrity birthday wish is so good because I had to scan for Kevin Jonas. Considering Nick and Priyanka’s wedding and the JoBros tour, they must have dozens of photos together. Hundreds. And she chose this one. Ha!


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Having a 6-pack is a staple of the male celebrity physique, even though I imagine it’s very hard to get that muscle definition and maintain it. Ab surgery is growing in popularity for men, just like breast and butt surgery, lip fillers, hair extensions, eyelash extensions, eyebrow filling and Botox have all become part of a socially accepted arsenal of enhancements for women.

I really don’t think Noah Centineo has had the surgery, but he is probably an inspiration for “after” photos. It’s the kind of photo someone would bring in to show the surgeon. But abs don’t happen in a vacuum and if the rest of the body doesn’t match, it can look like this. I show those Daily Mail photos to everyone because it’s so confusing for the brain to process. 


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Is she really just lounging around the house – in jeans? Sweatpants, tights, pyjamas, shorts, underwear, fine. But denim, on a lounge day? That’s dark. 


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Apparently Nina Dobrev was dating a guy for a year and they’ve split. I’ve always wanted to Gossip Genie her with Drake (Degrassi connection) but maybe they’ve been friends too long. But what about Chris Evans? I think he’s single right now.


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If you are a fan of sports documentaries like 30 for 30, you know how often professional athletes go broke after retirement. There’s a combination of factors, from mismanagement to poor investment advice to hubris to outright fraud, that can factor into it. They live large and then, when the professional-size cheques stop coming in, they can’t or don’t know how to adjust their lifestyles.

Alex Rodriguez is starring in a new series, Back In the Game, which pairs money mentors with struggling former professional athletes. There’s a short clip on his Instagram with Evander Holyfield and it looks very watchable in a feel-good reality TV way. 


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When I read the headline about TI going to the gynecologist to check on his daughter’s hymen, I thought for sure it was click-baity and fake, some kind of twist on what he said. Well, BuzzFeed has the transcript (here) and it’s worse than it seems!!!!! His daughter has had to sign a consent form so her doctor, who explained to TI that an intact hymen is NOT a sign of virginity (or lack thereof), can share results with her dad. Also his daughter is 18, an adult. There’s a lot to say here about misogyny, sex shaming and controlling women’s bodies, but, just, what in the actual f-ck.


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