I’m not a close follower of any royals but this story on Princess Mako from Japan is a storyline we’ve heard before (a royal marrying a commoner), but it also gets super messy because Princess Mako allegedly fronted her future mother-in-law money for her fiance’s education and now there’s a dispute over whether or not it was a loan or a gift. This is like an episode of Judge Judy. After a long delay, the couple is set to wed, but (the fiancé strolled back into the country from New York with a ponytail – boss move) it won’t be a national party because, per the Imperial Household Agency statement, “their marriage is not celebrated by many people.” I mean damn! Is there a bat phone for ex-royals? If so, Princess Mako and Kei Komuro need to get these two on the phone.  


Issa Rae makes a personal request to Beyoncé and Rihanna to hold off for her, but even if they drop a double album, many of us would still not miss Insecure. Ms. Tina reposted this and Issa commented, ‘As my fellow Capricorn, I would appreciate it if you also encouraged daughter to let me have this,’ with laughing and praying emojis. I wonder if Ms. Tina shared it with the family group chat.  


Jennifer Garner hosted a 20-year anniversary party for Alias and launched her TikTok. Will she nail it the same way she has nailed Instagram? The thing that cracks me up about her post is that JJ Abrams was busy so he couldn’t make it to the party. Who did this scheduling???


Jennifer Lopez has been filming in Vancouver and those of us with a long Bennifer memory know that Vancouver was the bad place for them the first time around. Do you think when Vancouver comes up it’s a sore spot, or is it ancient history? You don’t get to Bennifer 2.0 if you are holding onto stuff from 20 years ago, right?


Ozark released a sneak peak for its fourth and I believe final season. It looks less blue than past seasons and while I will watch, it’s a show that doesn’t get me excited. I forget about it immediately.

This is a very inside baseball story about someone who faked their way into a writers’ room with big, bold lies. Start with the Tweet and then there’s a full thread with so many details. But you know what first sparks the suspicion about this person’s credentials? They drew attention to themselves by being late – on the first day of work. At least be punctual when you are scamming.