A new Marvel movie means an uptick in spoiler alert policing. I have opinions about this because the “no spoilers ever, under any circumstances” set can be militant and I’m of the opinion that if a show or movie is good enough, spoilers don’t matter. Now of course there are levels to this. For a new movie like Eternals, obviously no one should be blasting out the surprises on opening weekend (I haven’t seen it, so that’s not specific). But I’ve also had someone get mad at me for spoiling Breaking Bad, which went off the air eight years ago. Like, should anyone get fined A MILLION DOLLARS for revealing a move plot? Seems extreme.


I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again: Drew Barrymore has an excellent work uniform. She often pairs a long skirt with a blouse and boots – stylish but also timeless with a hint of 70s. She’s dressed like everyone’s favourite art teacher, which I mean as a compliment. She looks comfortable. She wears a lot of Celine, Gucci, Valentino, Akris, MaxMara, and Chloe so as relatable as she is, when it comes to her clothes, she’s going for high quality, pricey stuff. She may sell her makeup at Walmart but her styling team is not buying her clothes from there. 


Tinx’s “rich mom” videos are fantastic and she brought in an expert for the Brentwood edition. The rich mom prototype.   


Interesting choice for Vogue considering that Elle Macpherson isn’t just dating a run-of-the-mill anti-vaxxer, but a pioneer of the movement. There have been some rumblings she and Andrew Wakefield broke up but in November 2020, she shared a stage with him to promote an anti-vaccination video. Also if you are thinking of buying her supplement The Super Elixir, I’ve tried it and think it’s crap: overpriced and overhyped.


Garcelle (yes, she is a one-name wonder) is having the most interesting moment. She’s been famous for a long time and stays booked, but because of the nature of social and tabloid media, she’s now everywhere thanks to Real Housewives. This is the icing on the cake, which is her acting and hosting career. She is the first Black woman cast member on Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and the micro (and macro!) aggressions are real – she is held to a different standard while some of the women try to cultivate a storyline that she is shady in her confessionals (literally the job of a Real Housewife). They try to call her irrelevant, which is absolutely laughable coming from a group of reality TV stars. Like, the actual f-cking nerve of these women.