No one is more committed to making the square-toe sandal trend happen than Rosie Huntington-Whiteley. But with fall here and winter around the corner, is this an investment worth making? It might be a trend that is put on pause until next summer, just because of weather logistics.


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As much as we sh-t on JT, I will never, ever defend the red carpet “pranksters” who think it’s ok to physically grab celebrities at public events. This is the same asshole who picked up Gigi Hadid from behind, stuck his head up America Ferrera’s dress, and tried to crash Adele’s speech at the Grammys (JLo was not having it). Why do we keep calling him a prankster? Ellen DeGeneres is a prankster. This guy is a f-cknut and it’s incredible that event security hasn’t figured out a way to stop him. (One thing in this photo I truly can’t defend is Jessica Biel’s outfit. What the hell did Louis Vuitton lend her?)


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The Rock talks about his tequila so much I thought it was already on the shelf? Apparently not! I don’t even think there is a name yet (he filed paperwork for MANA, but it was rejected). 


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But if a celebrity tequila is on your shopping list, Nick Jonas and John Varvatos are rolling theirs out. It could be a great gift for the Jonatic in your life.


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There’s been an uptick in celebrities visiting Disneyland lately. Is the Magic Kingdom doing influencer outreach for fall? I would totally read a story on how VIPs are treated at Disneyland – the tour, the food, the ride access, the crowd control. If you’ve read one, send it my way.


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I don’t know if this is a custom-made doll or if they put jeans and tattoos on a store bought doll, but it’s not quite Shawn Mendes. Out of context, I wouldn’t know who this doll was supposed to be. 


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