This weekend I read “This Will Only Hurt A Little.” It’s dishy, yes. And it’s dishy in a way I didn’t expect; sometimes Busy Philipps gives us the dirt straight-up (like naming a Cougar Town cast member who shamed her for not having a nanny) and then there are other instances when I think she is trying to tell us something, but we have to read between the lines. There is one actress who pops up consistently throughout the book, not in an unflattering way, but she always seems to just be there. And she’s never described in warm terms like Busy’s other friends, which of course led me down a rabbit hole. But beyond the gossip, what I found most interesting about the book is how honest she is about money: having it, budgeting between gigs, overspending when the work is flowing. She’s very open about the financial stress that goes with her work. 


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Lukas Haas made this for Kevin Connolly, but what do you think the Alpha Leo thinks of this? DeNiro is Leo’s colleague and Al Pacino is his bonafide’s step-dad. Is he embarrassed by his friends’ thirst?


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This is a hill worth dying on.

Back in early June I wondered if Cazzie David (fresh from her Pete Davidson break-up) and John Mayer were setting baby thirst traps for one another on Instagram. So if it happens, I will take full credit. 


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Bella Hadid not only get bangs (controversial), but she is trying to bring embellished denim pockets back. It’s a lot to process.


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Wilmer Valderrama and Mandy Moore hang out occasionally – she has clearly forgiven him for telling Howard Stern he took her virginity (which was a lie). Do you think he apologized? I do. And I think that in accepting his apology, Mandy probably took into account how different 2002 was. It was very common for guys like Wilmer (or John Mayer, or Justin Timberlake) to talk about women who, even though they were just as famous (if not more) than the men, were joked about like inconsequential conquests. 


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