As Lainey mentioned yesterday, Instagram is now a dating service. I am very into performative digital flirting and fully support millennials and their thirst traps. Which brings me to this: Cazzie David “liked” one of John Mayer’s posts. Maybe they are friends, maybe they go away back. Sure. But… it’s John Mayer. John Mayer has said he is ready to blow sh-t up in his love life and he is the distraction to help you get over a long-term boyfriend who, after 5 weeks, is engaged to a pop star. In these types of situations, John knows his role: remember when he was Jennifer Aniston’s date to the Oscars, her first face-to-face with Brange? He is willing to play, which is key when it comes to a public rebound.


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I’m not the first to point this out, but Riley Keough is someone who, over the years, is often linked to famous men (like Robert Pattinson and Nicholas Hoult), in a very specific “other woman” kind of way. But really, she’s been married for a couple of years (and engaged before that) and is pretty low-drama.


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I don’t follow Martha Stewart’s personal account on Instagram because it’s basically just an extension of her brand. But if she keeps it up with the selfies and, most important, her FOUR new baby chow chows I mean, how can I resist? This is much more interesting than frittata and copper pots. 


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Do people get hot for John Stamos? I feel like he’s one of those guys everyone agrees is handsome, but is he f-ckable? I’m not sure. This is like the “is Hilary Swank hot” debate from The Office. I suspect people will come down strongly on both sides.


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The Kaylor stans have a lot to be mad about with this – first off, she’s saying that Taylor isn’t her best friend. Second, she calls him “my love.” They are making their displeasure known in the comments. 


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I love Girl Sh-t, Boy Sh-t and Sibling Sh-t. I can’t quite get it up for DJ Sh-t although I will concede that “rockstar energy hat” made me chuckle. Diplo is an asshole, but he can definitely be a funny asshole. 





This year, Kathy Griffin has dug in in a way that not many have because it has cost her things. And I wonder when it’s over how her work, particularly during this era, will be remembered. Because it’s easy to forget but Joan Rivers was reviled for many years and Kathy was one of the few comics who publicly adored her.