Girl Sh-t is the Best Sh-t. So is this a promising beginning to 2018? 

Every day I get emails from people shouting at me for a variety of reasons: I love Beyoncé too much, I don’t hate Beyoncé enough, I don’t hate Angelina Jolie enough, I don’t love Angelina enough, why don’t I hate Meghan Markle more, and Johnny Depp is the best and I’m a c-nt for hating him always. A few weeks ago, though, a first: an email from someone who has determined that this blog has no cred because we do not cover #Kaylor. 

#Kaylor = Karlie Kloss + Taylor Swift. 

As in Taylor Swift is secretly gay and for years all her relationships – with John Mayer, Harry Styles, Calvin Harris, Tom Hiddleston, and now Joe Alwyn – have been fronts to protect the actual romantic love of her life, Karlie Kloss. Those who believe in #Kaylor are as devoted as the people who believe that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are undercover married IRL and parents to two babies. 

A couple months ago, in What Else?, I linked to Lindsay Zoladz’s hilarious piece for The Ringer about her #Kaylor investigation and subsequent obsession. If you need further research on #Kaylor, start there. Today, however, is about how #Kaylor, like #Robsten, might be broken. Because of this New Year’s Day Instagram post: 


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Swish Swish, of course, is a Katy Perry song. And why is Karlie Kloss namechecking a Katy Perry song!?!? #Kaylor can’t come to the phone right now…because #Kaylor is dead?!

As you can see in the comments, Taylor and #Kaylor fans are losing their sh-t. Team Taylor expects blind loyalty. Karlie has just committed treason. #Kaylor shippers are losing their sh-t. Because … Taylor and Karlie aren’t in love anymore? 

But, but, but… just two weeks ago, Karlie posted a birthday message for Taylor:


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Surely nothing can come between them, and certainly not in just two weeks, right? 

Or could this be a sign that #Kaylor is, actually, stronger than ever? Remember a couple of weeks ago, Taylor was in Miami shooting the End Game video with Future? And Katy Perry was also supposedly in Miami at the time and there was a dancer who looks like Katy in the background, which kicked off speculation that Taylor and Katy might be making up. Sure. But on the off chance it’s true, it would mean that Karlie would be the first to know…and as Taylor’s lover, maybe she’s giving us all a hint about it? 

It’s a spectacular conspiracy theory. But why not? When there exists an entire community that believes in #Kaylor, anything is possible.