While the current comparison is to say that Lisa Marie Presley is having Johnny Depp problems, it actually sounds like she’s having Presley problems. As in her dad, Elvis. Elvis was totally clueless when it came to managing his money. Which is why he had no idea how badly Colonel Parker was f-cking up his finances. All Elvis would do was keep shooting up televisions and, for him, he never wondered how they were replaced. All he knew was that a new TV would appear like magic. And it was Priscilla who had to save his legacy in the end. Speaking of Priscilla though, that’s probably someone who could help out Lisa Marie? She’s the one who turned Elvis Presley into an enterprise. But here’s where it gets interesting: Lisa Marie quit Scientology a few years ago…and Priscilla is still a member. (Dlisted) 

Oprah says she makes a point of not working with assholes. How many people are assholes around Oprah? Never mind. Harvey Weinstein was probably an asshole around Oprah. Can you imagine? Being in Oprah’s presence…and still being a f-cking asshole? Also, can you imagine Oprah even saying the word “asshole”? I can’t. I can’t hear it. (Cele|bitchy) 

Michelle Monaghan’s catsuit was very country music. Those sequins pretty much do it. Is that supposed to be a half cape around one arm? I don’t hate it. But I am curious about the stirrups. Like, it’s not that we haven’t seen fashion catsuits. We see them all the time. We don’t see them very often anymore though with the stirrups. WHY ARE THERE STIRRUPS? You can make a functional catsuit without the need for stirrups. Don’t tell me they serve a practical purpose. (Go Fug Yourself) 
Ellen DeGeneres named Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo’s daughter. When Duana wrote about this last year, she actually wondered where the name came from and now we know. She also, um, wasn’t into it. Which I think is fitting. Because Ellen is trying to do The Name Therapist’s job. And The Name Therapist has already given her judgment. (Pop Sugar) 

Aurelie Wynn, a former actress, is the second woman to allege that Ed Westwick raped her. It happened in 2014 and her details are similar to Kristina Cohen’s. As mentioned yesterday, Kristina has reported Ed to the LAPD and he’s currently under investigation. Two people are backing up her claims, confirming that she told them what happened immediately afterwards. Ed has not issued his second denial, via social media. Even though he seems to be suggesting that the claims aren’t all that valid because they were posted on social media. (TMZ) 

When I say “Kaylor”, do you know what I’m talking about? It’s the secret love between Karlie Kloss and Taylor Swift. And Lindsay Zoladz writes hilariously about how she accidentally became a Kaylor shipper after being welcomed by the Kaylor community. (The Ringer)