Kathy Griffin was on a morning show to promote her new movie and that’s usually a pretty soft environment, but she can roll with any crowd and she knew exactly what weatherman Mark was trying. Of course there are 58-year-old comedians that are working, and if given the chance I’m sure he would have pulled Seinfeld’s name out of his ass. He was trying to school her on her profession, on women working in stand-up. He was at the end of the desk and could have said nothing. That would have cost him nothing. 


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At least twice a week, I wonder if Lenny got his sunglasses back. 


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Over the summer, The Weeknd deactivated his Instagram (he is still on Twitter) and his team must be happy with that decision right now because it leaves him out of the Selena narrative. It’s not that people think her new music is about Abel, it’s that everyone is saying it’s not about him, which is almost worse. “Of course it’s not about Abel, he was a fling. He meant nothing to her!” It’s a funny form of hindsight about their relationship because they were very public, went to the Met Gala together and when he released Call Out My Name, it certainly seemed like it was more than a fling. 


Gary Janetti’s very popular Instagram account has long focused on a satirical, snarky take on the royal family (particularly Prince George looking down on Meghan Markle).

Recently he’s changed the narrative because, as he told PEOPLE, piling on isn’t fun. This is like a season 3 storyline, when two adversaries come together against a greater enemy. 


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There are several different genres of rom-com, like workplace (How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days), overlapping storylines (Love, Actually), best friends who are clearly in love (When Harry Met Sally, Made of Honour) and of course, Christmas (Last Holiday, The Holiday). Will Last Christmas become part of the cannon? It looks promising – a cynical Christmas elf, a painfully good looking man who is smitten with her, Emma Thompson, and Emilia Clarke. Rom-com leading actors have to hit a particular sweetspot. Does Emilia have the range? Henry Golding does. 


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