I’m curious as to why Ellen had Bob Iger on her show (or if she had a choice, given who he is). He’s obviously a powerful executive, but she typically focuses on celebrities’ feel-good stories – this is definitely a departure from her regular lineup. I wonder how her audience felt when he came out instead of like Adam Levine or something. 


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This is an outtake! Like this is the photo they didn’t use because they had better ones to choose from! Whew.


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Everyone is doing the rhinestone bobby pins or the designer hair clips but Kerry Washington and her team took hair jewellery to the next level. This will be imitated all over the place.  


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There’s a story out of The Sunday Times about Emma Thompson trying to save a waiter from being fired for asking her table for a photo.

I’m kind of iffy on this story because on the one hand, I completely believe Emma would not want anyone fired for this and would take action if that was happening. But on the other hand, it says she was there with a group of celebrity friends, but no one else is identified in the story. Who else was with her? Why is she the only celebrity identified?


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TikTok official is the new Instagram official. Miley and Cody have made it official everywhere, in every way. The only thing left is an engagement. 

Move over Pete Davidson, there’s a new extremely tall and suddenly famous bachelor on everyone’s radar: Cousin Greg. And he’s rumoured to be on Raya, the dating app that’s safe enough for celebrities. 


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