Sarah wrote about the actors who broke strike rules by dressing up as movie characters an expressed her disappointment in Glen Powell. My theory on why some of them did it is because many people have mocked the rules online (including Ryan Reynolds) so there’s no real risk. 


Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly went from hot to broken up to whatever this is and she tagged SAG in her post. Is this supposed to be edgy? LOL. 


Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard’s Hello Bello has filed for bankruptcy protection and curiously, it’s not getting a lot of headlines outside of business trades. High production and shipping costs have been blamed. Hello Bello launched with a Walmart deal (which is HUGE for this category) and has a ton of capital behind it but it lacked in marketing for the last couple of years. You have two pretty popular founders who never post about the brand and do not even have it linked in their Instagram bio. It seems like at some point they very purposefully stepped away and stopped engaging with Hello Bello– the last story I could find about them was in 2021. I went way back on their Instagram and nothing. Something happened here because of the company was doing well and making money, why would they pull back on marketing? That would be the time to go hard to secure funding or an acquisition. I feel like more will come out about this. 


Oliver Hudson has quite the single sock pile and the reactions to this really demonstrate different mindsets. Some people want to find pairs within the piles. Some people love the chaos. Some people recommend wearing mismatched socks. I immediately wondered if he has a pet who has a preferred hiding spot. 


Every year I am compelled to bring back this Diddy costume because of the origin. I laugh every time I see the Ellen video


Greta Gerwig said Ryan Gosling took fashion inspiration from Sylvester Stallone, particularly with the faux mink. This makes a lot of sense because although Ken exists in another realm where time and trends don’t exist, his baseline is 80s man. 


Allen is a total 90s guy.