Everyone was making fun of the SAG-AFTRA leadership for issuing guidelines about not dressing as movie characters from struck work for Halloween, but they knew what they were doing, because the Casamigos Halloween party was held over the weekend and guess what? A bunch of people dressed like movie characters from struck work! 


There were a fair number of non-SAG celebrities, like host Rande Gerber, who dressed like movies characters—he went as Danny Zuko, and Cindy Crawford dressed as sexy Sandy, and she might be a SAG member. She’s been in movies—I have not forgotten Fair Game!—but it’s possible she hasn’t kept up her membership. More clearly in the wrong are the definitely current SAG members who also rocked movie-inspired costumes. On the sh-tlist are:

Glen Powell and Chord Overstreet (Talladega Nights)

Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly (Kill Bill)

Sarah Hyland (Happy Gilmore)

Jenna Dewan and Steve Kazee (Edward Scissorhands)


I’m going to let David Spade slide on Zorro, because while there are Zorro movies, Zorro is also a historical/folk hero figure. However, it does count as cultural appropriation! 

Mostly I am disappointed in Glen Powell. We were all rooting for you, Glen! And it’s not like it’s hard to avoid—PLENTY of people dressed as various iterations of Britney Spears, including Paris Hilton (“Toxic” era), Jodie Turner-Smith (I am interpreting her school girl outfit as a Britney tribute), and Jessica Alba (also “Toxic” era). Austin Butler and Kaia Gerber did a couple’s costume of Andy Warhol and Edie Sedgwick, somehow looking fun and miserable at the same time. Victoria Justice dressed as Cher. Edward Norton and his wife, Shauna Robertson, won the couples’ costume contest as David and Victoria Beckham.


It can be done! You can dress for a Halloween party without f-cking scabbing, GLEN POWELL, YOU HALLOWEEN SCAB.