On the plus side, Leonardo DiCaprio was not a Halloween scab. On the downside, Leonardo DiCaprio did as he always does for Halloween: hit up every single party and put in the least amount of effort on his costume. Every year he shows up in a hoodie and jeans and throws on a mask. For the Casamigos party, it was a hockey mask. Or maybe a duck mask. He and Tobey Maguire were there and since he’s so lazy about his costume, I’m too lazy to figure out which one is which. The point is, he's there for the party because he’s there for every party but not for the theme of the party. 


Leo was also at Kendall Jenner’s Halloween party at Chateau Marmont. He was seen with his current bona fide, Vittoria Ceretti who was in a dark red wig. At one point in the night, she was photographed groping him – you can see those photos here at Page Six. Vittoria’s hand is down the back of his pants, inside the underwear, as Leo leans into her neck to tell her… that he likes ass play? If he does, that is his right. Ass play is good, healthy sex, no judgment here. 

Professionally for Leo, it’s been a solid few weeks. Killers of the Flower Moon is doing well at the box office, currently sitting at around $90 million globally, which is encouraging for a three-plus hour film. That should set it up well for award season and the best part about that, for Leo at least, is that he didn’t have to do any promotion. 


I’m sure he’s in solidarity with SAG-AFTRA but at the same time, I can’t imagine he’s all that heartbroken about the fact that with the strike happening, he hasn’t had to do any press – no red carpets, no interviews. Once the strike ends though, and there’s definitely some optimism coming out of the weekend, many of the films, especially the ones who are in contention for Oscar, will have to make up for lost time and get back out there with events and other campaign opportunities. That means Leo might have to get back to work. Enjoy the ass play while you can.