Does Lea Michele measure days in BW and AW (before wedding/after wedding)? Looking forward to her to her post on National Mulled Cider Day (September 30).


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Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick on Broadway together will be an incredibly hot ticket.


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Jeremy Renner is pivoting to stock photography model. And yes, he has an Amazon store. Do we even need to analyze this?


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This morning Lainey wrote about Ed Sheeran’s wedding reception in Suffolk, which spurred me to check Courteney Cox’s account. She and Ed have been tight for a long time, before he was famous, and her partner Johnny McDaid and Ed have written songs together. They are obviously there for Ed, so do they play neutral in the rest of the going-ons? 


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Victoria Beckham beauty launches in a few days and this is the logo. It’s certainly very minimalist. 


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At an event for YouTube you’d expect models and influencers and musicians, sure. Even Justin Theroux, who loves a party. But would you expect Jennifer Lawrence? Or Jake Gyllenhaal? Or Serena? Because that is what Derek Blasberg is pulling in for them, the A-list. It’s a way to change the conversation about YouTube, a way to create a celebrity glow around it, a reputation bubble. Because when we talk about YouTube, it’s impossible to ignore the proliferation of conspiracy videos (like flat earthers and anti-vaxxers), alt-right recuriters, extremism, and problematic YouTube stars. Every party like this, with the photos all over social media, slowly changes that perception. PewDiePie, the most popular influencer on YouTube, probably wasn’t invited. Doesn’t fit the brand, even though he has 78 million subscribers.


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Natalie Walker’s Twitter auditions are magic and the hand-wringing pep-talk is a cornerstone of The Wife. You know The Wife, ready with some tough (not too tough) love and a meaningful glance. 



This came up in my feed and it hasn’t blown up on Twitter yet, but it will. Turn up the volume if you can. “It’s a long story.” That’s kind of an understatement.