Olivia Munn has made her first professional appearance since John Mulaney confirmed her pregnancy. It is for Petco and the comments are a very mixed bag (which is always the case when animals are the topic). But I do think that Olivia Munn, who definitely had fans before, is now going to have stans, a completely different beast. And because John is a celebrity people are personally invested in, that kind of energy is going to transfer to her now, too. 


Some people are very intense about him. 

As Lainey mentioned this week, Kate Hudson is now in New York for Fashion Week (as well as promoting her new Apple TV show, Truth Be Told). Over the last week or so we’ve seen her in a Valentino gown, then a cut-out dress, then a suit, and now this plaid check dress with Peter Pan collar and black bow. It’s very prim but because the styling is fresh, it doesn’t feel stuffy. I love the switch-up, how one day she’s in a suit and the next she’s in a bikini dress and the next she’s in this dress. She’s having fun with her looks and it shows. 


Should we make some predictions for the Met Gala? The biggest couple question for me is not Bennifer but Zoe Kravitz and Channing Tatum. Will they show up and if so, will they walk together? I’m going with yes on the first and no on the second. But I do think she will be in YSL. 

You know who won’t be there together? Harry Styles and Olivia Wilde. He has a tour date in Houston on Monday night. Plus they probably want to save the red carpet debut for Don’t Worry Darling. 


The Activist, a reality TV show that will center around people competing for a cause, is getting lambasted on social media. Usher, Priyanka Chopra, and Julianne Hough are slated to be host/judges/mentors (I think?) to teams. Will it make it to air? And CBS, pay someone to vet the contestants! It seems like networks never learn. 

Even if you don’t care about TikTokers, squeeze in time to read Naomi Fry in the New Yorker on the D’Amelio sisters, who are trying to parlay online fame into a Kardashian-style takeover. It’s not as easy as Kris Jenner made it look. The D’Amelios’ story is a study of the effects of a new and specific kind of celebrity that depends on social media. That kind of fame seems as corrosive to personal development as being on a Disney show as a child. (Maybe more so, because social media doesn’t have filming breaks, child labour laws, or a boundary between the performer and the audience.) 


Shailene Woodley posted an Instagram story of baby feet and the lack of context has piqued people’s interest. Could be her baby or a friend or relative’s, but Aaron Rodgers hasn’t engaged (and they don’t interact on social media). A mystery or nothing at all?