I’m still processing the Met Gala, mainly the looks that weren’t represented. Where was Dapper Don, where was J. Crew, where was the Gap, where was Tommy Hilfiger, where was Halston, where was Sean John, Baby Phat etc. Where was the look modeled after Carolyn Bessette-Kennedy’s wedding dress designed by Narciso Rodriguez? My favourite outfit, in context, was Kacey Musgraves in Ralph Lauren. American horse girl fashion!


There’s also been an unintended social media consequence that stemmed from the Met Gala – “understood the assignment” as a complimentary online colloquialism and go-to caption for media outlets, has been driven into the ground. It was not fun while it lasted. 


Seth Rogen has never been invited the Met Gala? That seems like an oversight because he can dress. (Not that that’s a criteria for anyone invited.)

Before the Met Gala, Kate Hudson dropped an engagement announcement on Instagram which at first I thought was a wedding announcement but why would she elope? She loves to throw a party. Her first wedding was in Aspen so she probably won’t do that again. LA then? Look at the comments – her friends are already excited. That would be a fun bachelorette party. 


By now, we’ve all heard about the Nicki Minaj tweet which doesn’t happen that often on Twitter anymore. This a joke that will live on social media for a long, long time. It’s already its own genre of comedy. 

One more note about the Met and the questions around who is vaccinated and who isn’t – presumably, Bella Hadid posted this photo to quell the chatter around her. I wonder if this is going to be a thing for others. 

Bella Hadid's Instagram Story

Succession is coming! Succession is coming! October 17, to be exact, and not one single spoiler from set. Not a sniff of a spoiler. Fine, we’ll wait. And this poster might not be as clear as it looks – multiple versions were released with family members standing on different sides, with Logan and Kendall leading the charge.