About a week ago, Lainey linked to photos of Tori Kelly in a great bomber jacket with cut-outs and I agree that this will be a big look for fall. But what about cut-out denim? Gwen Stefani is doing it. So much of what we’ve seen of cut-outs so far has been bodycon shirts, dresses and bodysuits. This is a big change and I like the move into oversize cuts. 


Rolling Stone founder Jann Wenner is probably going to blame context or the journalist for his disastrous interview in which is he said Black and female artists are not intellectual enough for him but I read the interview and he was given multiple chances to explain himself and backtrack. Not only is this bad for Wenner, but the artists who were featured in his book (like Bruce Springsteen and Mick Jagger) are not going to want their names associated with it, at all. Who would want their name attached to that? And you know is probably loving the Rolling Stone-adjacent blowback? The Weeknd. LOL. 


There’s a lot of downside to pop music fandoms but one that I haven’t heard talked about a lot is how it has affected the way some lyrics are interpreted and analyzed. An example of this is Olivia Rodrigo’s hit "Vampire" – I’ve seen so many theories about it. But what if it’s about multiple people, or an experience, or it’s about no one in particular and just created from the songwriters’ imagination? This idea that every pop song is direct line between the artist and another famous person – based on the minimal things we know about their private lives – is too basic. 


Rihanna revived Fenty x Puma and the bulk of it sold very quickly, but there are a few sizes left in select styles. I’m still surprised that Rihanna’s luxury line didn’t work out – the pieces were so good and there’s such a high demand for her style.


After a classic Friday news dump,  Hugh Jackman and Deborra Lee-Furness have been spotted out but he has yet to post on social. There’s definitely a discussion happening here behind the scenes – how long to wait, whether or not to address it, how to move on without seeming callous (which shouldn’t be a problem for Hugh, who is widely liked and seems like a genuinely nice person). With Instagram, it’s more about getting that first awkward post over with.


Sydney Sweeney had an ‘80s theme birthday party and I appreciate the costume because it’s bang on. Even the shade of pink is perfect. I don’t think Glen Powell was there so the speculation about their body language doesn’t look like its amounted to much and she’s still engaged. In terms of hype for the movie, it worked – especially if they are not able to promote it because of the strike.