It is so great to see Tori Kelly back out, after her health crisis earlier this year, and now she’s on tour. She kicked off in Toronto just the other day. Tori’s hair here, as usual, is living and giving. And this outfit… she’s just convinced me to look for a bomber with arm cutouts. This is the next frontier in bomber jackets. (Go Fug Yourself) 


How do you wear your sweaters? Because a great sweater is a great sweater worn conventionally. And then you can do more sh-t to it and get creative and give it different looks. (The Cut)

This Sean Penn interview with Variety is wild. Like every paragraph adds a new layer of bonkers to the previous one. His analogy about AI and other people’s daughters?! Like I get the point he’s trying to make and he’s of course on the side of artists – but putting it this way is… OMG, uncomfortable, is that the right word?! (Cele|bitchy) 

A millionaire called Tim Gurner went viral this week for exactly the reason you think. While speaking at a conference, Gurner said that unemployment has to go up, so that workers can feel the pain. And only then will they get back in line and value the jobs that are available – so that employers, as in large corporations and wealthy developers like him, can consolidate more power. 


It’s not unlike that producer who said during the early part of the Hollywood strike, that they wanted to starve out the writers and have them lose their homes so that they would eventually come crawling back and begging for their jobs. Tim Gurner isn’t an exception. The corporate class, the corporate executives, the shareholders – they share this view, because it maintains the status quo, and therefore their position at the top of the class hierarchy. Tim Gurner has apologised but let’s not pretend that his sentiments aren’t shared by his co-hort. (Pajiba) 

Chicken is not my favourite but I do really, really appreciate a rotisserie chicken from the grocery store – because it’s so easy, pretty affordable, all things considered, and you can do so much with it. A salad? Sure. But throwing some shredded chicken on a ramen noodle bowl? Or Thai noodle soup. It’s so quick when you’re out of time. And sandwiches and stir fries and whatever is in this cookbook. (Eater)