Victoria Beckham is having her first-ever show in Paris, which is of course nerve wracking and extremely important to her brand, which has likely struggled to recover from Covid shutdowns. The types of clothes she designs are not exactly made for work-from-home or lounging. For all of her shows, the family sits in the front row. Right now, Nicola and Brooklyn are in Paris and posting about it. If they attend, it’s a show of support and might put some of the estrangement rumours to rest. If they leave before her show, it will heighten the rumours. Will it be peace or pettiness?


I think Seth Rogen speaks for many of us (and our Google history) with this Tweet. Yesterday, I first learned about the Try Guys and wow, it was quite a journey. For those who need a succinct breakdown, Buzzfeed (where the Try Guys started out) has the timeline. And I think this Ned person has narrowly edged out Adam Levine for “the worst public apology by a cheating husband in September of 2022” award.


My second Billy Eichner post this week because in this one, he talks about his friendship with Mariah Carey and how he reached out to her for permission to use a song in Bros, and she hosted a screening for him. Andy Cohen is, of course, messy, so he asked how late she was. An hour to an hour and a half, which is punctual by the elusive chanteuse standard. 

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas share a birthday but you can tell from the photo that it’s a little more her day than his. Just a touch more.


Maroon 5 has announced a Las Vegas residency and people who think it’s bad timing might not understand that fans who travel to see Maroon 5 in Vegas probably don’t care all that much about the sexting scandal. This has likely been in the works for months and Adam’s personal problems won’t hurt ticket sales. I’ve also seen comments about Vegas being a bad place for someone with Adam’s issues, but Vegas is stable in a way that touring is not. After a show, it’s a quick private plane ride home to LA. It’s not weeks and weeks at a time moving from city to city and hotel to hotel. And really, if someone is determined to cheat, they can do it from their Instagram account as easily as they can in Vegas. 


Never Have I Ever is already in production for season four, which means the end is near and this is a creative decision, not a cancellation. It was always meant to focus on high school years and we are not supposed to of follow Devi to college – she needs to run free!