This morning, Lainey posted about the Bieber wedding and the throwbacks. Tom Holland was never a Bieber-level child star; I didn’t even realize he started acting so young. The Impossible came out in 2012, so this photo was taken some time in 2011/12. That would make Tom around 15-16 here, which doesn’t seem right. He looks like he’s 12. 


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In the 90s, if a supermodel walked a show, the photos would appear in fashion magazines and there would maybe be a segment on FashionTelevision (an iconic TV show I wish they would bring back). But now, models like Gigi and Bella and Kaia Gerber send out an Instagram thank you card after nearly every show. I wonder what happens if they do a show and it’s a miserable experience with an asshole design team that they never want to work with again – do they skip it or is it too obvious?


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We also talk about our periods.

At next year’s Emmys, D’Arcy Carden should definitely get a nomination for Best Supporting Actress in A Comedy Series for The Good Place. What’s interesting about her trajectory is that her character got an upshot in popularity last season (thanks to a very specific episode) but the show is now ending. She’s also on Barry, in a small role, which I’m guessing won’t go past 4 seasons, maybe 5.  I’d like to see them give her more to do there; she was once with Bill Hader’s nanny, so they must like working together. 


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Usually when we are introduced to female child stars, they have this style of hair – very long, subtly highlighted, wavy blowout. Millie Bobby Brown became famous with a shaved head, then went short, and is now experimenting with long hair. She’s one heartbreak away from bangs.


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“She was fine.” Judy Garland bringing big immigrant mom energy to the theatre. 

“What is TikTok” is something I ask myself every day. 


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But why does TikTok matter? Why do we need to know about every little thing that happens on the Internet? I would argue that we need to know about it because it’s not about us: Facebook is the past, Twitter and Instagram are the present, TikTok is the future. This is better than 95% of SNL sketches from the past 5 years.