For some of us, the Matt Damon/Minnie Driver breakup is a seminal Gen X moment because he announced it on Oprah and it is hard to overstate how insanely popular Matt and Ben were at the time. They were It boys and darlings and wunderkinds and everything else. They were a bromance Bennifer. And a lot of us sympathized with Minnie at the time (also, she was so great in Good Will Hunting). 


I’ve never found an article laying out the timeline but I’d be curious because I don’t know how The Oprah Winfrey Show taped – were multiple episodes filmed in a day and then played all week? For example, say Matt filmed his segment on a Wednesday and the show didn’t actually air until Friday and he knows he said it, what did he do with Minnie in the interim? Just keep talking to her like nothing happened and wait for her to watch it? What if she was busy and taped it instead? Or missed it altogether? I could read an oral history of this in Vulture. Anyway, Minnie (still great) ran into Matt Damon on the beach and talked about it on an episode of the podcast Keep It— she said the interaction was nice and “middle age.” No drama, just a bit of gossip nostalgia. 


Minka Kelly and Trevor Noah were seen walking her dog but sources tell PEOPLE they are not officially back together. They also went to St. Bart’s together last month but again, not back together. Whatever they are working through they aren’t rushing it, which is interesting because the first time around they were looking for homes together in LA. 


Chris Pine was on a yacht with a “mystery blonde” - that is the Daily Mail description, not mine. Anytime a woman is spotted with a celebrity, the UK tabloids dub her a “mystery” blonde/brunette/redhead. Like these women are Carmen Sandiego or something. I don’t know why the DM even mentioned the woman as they were just hanging out – no PDA or kissing or anything, so it could be his cousin or his friend or his publicist, I have no idea. It doesn’t look like Anabelle Wallis, which is what I think the DM is getting at it without getting at it. But she posted this from her Instagram – looks like she’s on a boat, too. Coincidence?

Cardi B has had her second child, a boy (no name yet). Packing a bag for the hospital can include a lot of stuff like pads (in case of bleeding after), a robe, a going-home outfit for baby and parents, a phone charger, a camera and, if you’re Cardi B, an LV blanket. This photo is better styled than some magazine shoots. 


How fast did Channing Tatum hit the like button? First 10, for sure. Only the bots beat him.