You meet Celine Dion and she bursts into song – what do you do?! It’s expected because it is SO Celine but my worry is that I wouldn’t give her back the energy she is giving me. I wouldn’t want her to be disappointed in me. Derek Hough and his girlfriend handled it well. I love that the stage manager had to come out and tell her “show time” twice. 


I watched ClickBait over the long weekend and what started as an interesting premise devolved pretty quickly because of poor character development, too many true crime clichés, cringe dialogue and uneven pacing. I finished it because of the sunk cost fallacy of TV watching (halfway through a limited series I can’t give up). Zoe Kazan probably had the most screen time and she hasn’t promoted it at all, which makes me wonder if she knows it’s not very good. (It has been renewed for a second season, even though it was a limited series.)


Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom went to Italy this summer so they have likely received the COVID-19 vaccine. (If not, she will likely need it to return to set for American Idol.) I wonder why she chose this moment in time to post her theories on the “immunity system”(sic) and fear and joy, the implication being that happy people don’t get sick. It’s just so tone deaf and kind of insensitive to sick people and their caretakers. 


Ant Anstead had a second birthday party for his son and gave an exclusive interview to PEOPLE – he’s getting a lot of good press for a reality TV star. And the underlying story is that Renee Zellweger has made his stock go way up. She is mentioned in this sanctioned story, which makes me think she doesn’t mind that her name comes up, even though they’ve only been dating since June. He told PEOPLE that it’s early days and they want to keep it quiet, but quiet for a reality TV personality and quiet for an A-lister who can go years without being spotted is a pretty wide gulf. 


Romeo Beckham is following in his dad’s footsteps and has been signed to Fort Lauderdale CF (which I think is like a farm team to Inter Miami, which David co-owns and is heavily involved in). Romeo played tennis quite diligently for a long time and then moved to football and I wonder what the conversation around that was because devoting yourself to a sport in the hopes of going pro is obviously incredibly time-consuming (and expensive, not really a concern here). Still, at a pretty young age one has to decide what to focus on and what to let go, which is a lot of pressure. At 19, he will live on his own or with his teammates but I think with Brooklyn in LA and the Miami team and now Romeo in the US, the Beckhams will be spending a lot of time stateside.