A couple of days ago, Sarah wrote about the Lucy-Desi casting curse, with a big WTF for Nicole Kidman as Lucille Ball. I agree completely and yes, Nicole is an exceptional actress, but why does she have to be in everything? For Desi, I immediately thought of Jaime Camil (although he is Mexican-American, not Cuban) because of his ability to do broad comedy and quieter moments, both of which he nailed as scene-stealer Rogelio De La Vega in Jane the Virgin. And for a plot twist, Camil was the first Latino to lead a comedy series at CBS in 70 years (Broke, which was cancelled after one season). The only other Latino to do so was Desi Arnaz. 


Yesterday, Miley’s Instagram stories were all about celebrating the birthday of her collaborator and close friend, Wayne Coyne. They’ve been tight since her Dead Petz era. It was also Liam Hemsworth’s birthday, and he did not get a shoutout. You know what would suck about this? You can never forget your ex’s birthday – a sure sign you are over someone – because it falls on the same day as someone close to you. It’s like once a year, the universe will remind you of that person. 


Dua Lipa is such a pop star in the best way. I think she’s one big performance – at a festival or award show – from A-list status. But when will those kind of performances open back up? There’s no official list of Grammys performers yet but she is nominated for quite a few awards, including Album of the Year. She should be there but with the Grammys, you never know. 


Absolutely top 10, maybe even top 5, videos of all time. Gwen did it here. Someone in the comments pointed out that Tony Kanal’s real-life girlfriend (now wife) played the girlfriend in the video so I of course went to Wiki and it’s true?! OK definitely top 5. 

Both Kelly Rowland and Miss Tina posted this, so they’ve probably sent it to Beyoncé


The Weeknd must be deep in prep for the Super Bowl halftime show, which is approaching quickly. Usually there’s a headliner and some guests – will The Weeknd have guests? If so, who? My pick would be Ariana Grande. No particular reason, I’d just like to see it. 

Its-a-me, Kanye!