Jeremy Allen White and Rosalia continue to be hot for each other all over LA and he continues to be a papped everywhere, including at a park playdate with his ex Addison Timlin, their children and Macaulay Culkin and Brenda Song. These kids are already cooler than all of us, sharing their Annie’s bunny snacks. Custody and co-parenting seems to be going well between Jeremy and Addison, which is great. 


Here’s Jeremy in Calvin Klein. Not that Calvin Klein you maniacs, the Golden Globes Calvin Klein.


There were six separate stories on PEOPLE this morning about TNT and honestly? Not mad about it. I was away this weekend so missed all of the social media chatter, it’s a good way to catch up. I’ve read everything, including Lainey’s analysis of Jason Kelce as the boisterous brother – a crucial role in a rom-com. There were also some photos posted from the locker room with a bunch of people and Taylor is in the background and it got me thinking about crowded spaces. At the games, Taylor interacts with tons of people in and out of the building. People who do speak about her publicly (like Gracie Hunt, the Kansas City Chief’s owner’s daughter) go on the record. It’s great she’s managed to still be around new people because if we think of the big, big A-listers (like say a Beyonce or Leonardo DiCaprio), they are not often in crowds of strangers without a wall between them and the public. The reasoning is understandable – who wants to be filmed or have their lips read incorrectly or someone steal their empty cup and sell it on eBay? 


There’s a reason celebrities are insular and Taylor keeps a tight circle but she’s also out there. And Kansas City, as an organization and as a team, has proven themselves pretty trustworthy. Not everyone who says hello to her is running to sell their story to a tabloid.


Pamela Anderson is moving into the skin care space, which fits with her makeup-free look. She’s acquired an existing line rather than launching her own. Typically celebrities start their own line (with a silent partner) or license their name, but this is Pam stepping into an established company. What’s interesting is that she’s listed as a co-founder, but the brand is over a year old (according to its Instagram posts) and it’s not mentioned on Instagram, but in the Vogue article she says her sons are also part of the ownership.