I posted for the first time this year three days ago on Tuesday, January 3 and my opening thought was “new year, new gossip… and also the same gossip”, followed by a reference to Leonardo DiCaprio. In that spirit, speaking of the same gossip, we find Leo back in the club. Because no matter how much time passes, Leo will always be ready to party, Leo will never not be at the club. First week of 2023 and already we’re getting a new Leo dance video! What does this portend?! 


Maybe 2023 will bring us another celebrity dance-off. It’s been a while. I nominate Leo vs Justin Bieber, who also showed up on social media this week dancing in the club. Each gets into the music in different ways. JB is super enthusiastic and hyping the musicians. Leo is pure dad energy groove. 


Omg we need a do-over so we can hand him a microphone 😂😂 Fr tho he was so kind and full of beautiful energy. Happy New Year everyone - and thank you for great vibes @Justin Bieber ✨✨ #nye #justinbieber #bieber #oneupduo #livemusic #elementmusic #goodvibes #dance #belieber

♬ original sound - oneupduo

Cardi B went viral this week because she posted a video about inflation and grocery prices. At one point, she talks about going through her expense reports every week and noticing how everything is getting more expensive. There have been so many stories about how celebrities lose track of their money and get taken advantage of by shady managers and accountants. That’s my takeaway here – Cardi, if you believe her, is watching her money. I would watch a reality show with Cardi teaching people how to budget. 


First sign of Taylor Swift–I think?--in 2023. She posted this on stories to promote her album but it came with an update: she’s in rehearsals now for The Eras tour which kicks off on March 17 which is conveniently a few days after the Oscars, and she’s been campaigning for a nomination in the short film category for “All Too Well”. Very interested to see if her name will be called.

Taylor Swift's Instagram story

The reason I clicked play on Mindy Kaling’s latest cooking video is because of her sweater, I love it. The reason I stayed is because I was interested in the recipe, which is unusual for me because it involves chicken and most chicken recipes use chicken breast. I do not f-ck with chicken breast, so I was happy to see that Mindy uses the thigh, the superior part of the chicken. 


Maria’s back on Monday, so this is my last chance for a while in this space to talk about BTS, even though every daily Celebrity Social Media column could be BTS – they are so busy all the time. Today’s announcement is that Jimin will cover the new issue of W Korea, probably to promote his upcoming new single, “VIBE”, with Taeyang and perhaps more solo work. I want every single one of these outfits, especially the sweater vest. And those taupey boots!