New year, same petty me. I’m back on my bullsh-t and it seems fortuitous to kick off the new year with Victoria Beckham wishing her daughter-in-law Nicola Peltz-Beckham a Happy Birthday. It’s a cute candid and David posted two stories, with one photo taken at the same time as the one with Victoria (you can tell by the table and background) and the other with Brooklyn. Nicola thanked them both and reposted in her stories. Cordial, right? 


I’m sure the Daily Mail will try to spin this as a negative but I think unlike another British family in the news right now, they are all trying to smooth things over (at least publicly). Go too over the top and it seems fake so this is the right degree of acknowledgement on both sides. 


In other Beckham news, Romeo has been loaned from Inter Miami II to the Brentford B team and (sorry I don’t know a lot about football) this is a good move for him, right? Now that he’s back in London, does he still live at the family home? He has the money to live alone but I imagine the Beckham family home is pretty nice. I just don’t know if a professional footballer wants to still live with his parents.


All I know about soccer I learned from the Beckhams and Ted Lasso, but this ESPN story about the parent drama at the US Soccer men’s World Cup team is like, holy sh-tballs. Very dirty stuff happening and this will make an excellent sports documentary one day. A little preview: an underperforming player’s (Gio Reyna) parents, who were good friends with the head coach and his wife, reported a domestic violence incident from college about said coach and his wife because they didn’t like the way the coach was utilizing their son and speaking about his performance. The foursome had been friends and played together professionally (both the two men and two women) since college (and even farther back for the men). The incident had never been reported to authorities, so there was no paper trail and only the friends knew about it as the women were college roommates. The foursome remained very close friends since then and their children grew up together but the Reynas (the ones who reported it) held onto that info 25 years and only mentioned it to US Soccer after their son got benched! Before that, they were singing his praises. Hell hath no fury like a scorned sport parent. 


How far into January are you saying Happy New Year? I go to January 4th, max. 


“Detoxing” is a January staple – basically super restrictive dieting. But as the conversation around this has slowly changed, the idea of juice cleansing and slimming “teas” (laxatives) and apple cider gummies has changed, a lot. Many women know we are a target of diet culture, which is monetized under the guise of wellness. I’m kind of surprised Goop hasn’t found yet another way to repackage its yearly cleanse but I did notice that GP hasn’t publicly participated or posted on her own page. The comments on the Goop posts are not very positive.