Keke Palmer is of course the absolute best at these viral interviews and the “I look better” is such a good line that she cracks herself up. I love when a funny person laughs at their own jokes. She deserves to enjoy herself as much as we enjoy her. 


I’ve had my eye on the Gwyneth Paltrow/Jessica Seinfeld Instagram cold freeze, which seemed to thaw over the past six months. Jessica was a guest at Gwyneth’s launch for a new Goop product (it was a pajama party) so all is well with the Hamptons. (Thanks Catherine!) Oh and if you want GP’s pajamas, they are Olivia von Halle. 


Are you an efficient packer? I take packing very seriously and pride myself on being a smart packer but I don’t think I’ve gone more than four days with just a carry-on. Naomi Watts really put her back into this process and she is right, packing cubes are essential! One thing I disagree with her on is that rolling saves space. I think this is a widely-accepted but inaccurate travel tip. I’m all about the bundling technique – Google it because it’s a game changer. 


InStyle has kicked up a fuss on Instagram by claiming the “Y2K” white tank top is back. I’m sorry?! I rebuke this narrative. The white tank top does not belong to Y2K and it can’t come back because it has never, ever gone out of style. Trying to claim the white tank top is fashion hubris.

Elizabeth Banks claiming she didn’t fart makes me think that maybe she farted (or at minimum, that is her farting face) and we are talking about farts this week because apparently Arnold Schwarzenegger FARTED IN MIRIAM MARGOYLES’S FACE. Lainey wrote about this yesterday but I’m not over it. In her face!!!!!


The Shania Twain documentary looks really good. The highs, the lows, the live shows, the personal tragedies – lots of chills.