Kylie Jenner’s 17-minute flight – more outrage at the Kardashians, another Kardashian+ scandal that will pass in five minutes, less time than that flight, and maybe it’s even passed already. But some of the tweets dragging her do bring up great points about how the wealthy are damaging the environment. As we know, marginalised and lower-income communities disproportionately suffer more from climate change than wealthy people. And it’s the richest of the rich who are damaging the environment the most. It’s not just the travel; just think of how much energy is used to maintain all their homes! And their lifestyles. (Dlisted) 


It’s not just Brad Pitt and his pastels on the Bullet Train press tour. Zazie Beetz is serving looks too and she looks so fresh and fun in this silver sequin dress. I don’t know that I’m totally sold on the shoes though – and it’s not because of the colour, it’s because I’ve never been big on a mule. Don’t own a single pair of mules. They’re trip hazards. (Go Fug Yourself) 

You know a fun game to play? Which celebrities would you eat with? Like not for the gossip but for the food. Because you just know…there are some celebrities who have bullsh-t taste in food. If you listen to the Smartless podcast, you know that Jason Bateman eats the same thing every day – a chicken salad. I would not want to go out for dinner with him, because I don’t think we’d be able to have fun with the menu. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, on the other hand, 100% I would eat with them because they ordered everything I would order during their dinner in New York. (Cele|bitchy) 


Imagine Arnold Schwarzenegger farting in your face? Let me tell you my train of thought on this: last week I posted about Chris Hemsworth and how much he eats – which is a lot because those giant Thor muscles burn a lot of calories. What I didn’t include in that post was how much a person sh-ts when they eat all that meat and roughage. Which brings me back to Arnold and him farting in Miriam Margoyles’s face because he too would have probably consumed a similar amount of calories as Chris and…well… now I wonder about the flatulence too. That story about Chris, by the way, was related to how considerate he was of Natalie Portman before they filmed a kiss scene and he didn’t eat meat for a few hours prior because she’s vegan. Would Arnold have done the same? (OMG Blog) 

Would you go to a wedding where the bride has COVID?” That would be a no from me, because I’ve had COVID and it f-cked me up. That said, I can see it all around me, the party thirst is strong this summer. (The Cut)