Jennifer Lopez told some paps to f-ck off and while this isn’t the worst behaviour, it is out of character for her. Very much so. She is not someone who complains about being followed around, ever. She understands her fame. Maybe just a bad day? 


Andy Cohen has dealt with every sort of drama in his life but women going 8 rounds over a table seating chart has nothing on his son, Ben. Ben is four and a certified sassy pants. He did the calculations. 

When Kevin Costner and his wife split there were some rumblings that she had become close with a financier who rents their guest house but right now, she’s on vacation and not with that dude. She’s with a friend of Kevin’s who lived nearby– and yes, he is recently divorced as well. Could it be platonic? Of course. But how did paps find them on the Big Island? 


As Stephanie wrote, the reaction to Miranda Lambert’s selfie stoppage has been really mixed, with some people (like me) saying she’s a bit of a d-ck and others like Whoopi Goldberg defending her. LL Cool J has weighed in with, “Miranda, get over it baby.” Succinct and not the worst advice. 


Jamie Dornan looks handsome for Loewe (a brand that is exploding) and he started as a model. The way him and Dakota have managed to curve 50 Shades of Grey has been kind of inspiring. They made the movies and never leaned into the fandom and now it’s a distant memory. No one is meme’ing 50 Shades of Grey. 


Everyone loves these two! And while I don’t think everything needs to be a sequel, what if Jenna and Matt have a child who time-jumped. 


Lily Tomlin and Jane Fonda walked the picket line and held up SAG-AFTRA support shirts. Requests are already coming in but I haven’t found a site that benefits the strikers directly, just a bunch of shady knock-offs. If you know where to get this t-shirt, hit me with a link!