I saw some new photos of Kyra Sedgwick and Kevin Bacon on a red carpet, which prompted me to check out their social media. They are as solid as ever, which is why we need to leave them alone. The less we see the solid couples, the better. 


Celebrity and themed cruises are a whole industry and honestly, fans of Schitt’s Creek or KISS or whatever hanging out on a boat together sounds like a good time for all involved. People might be snobby about it, but how is it different than going to Comic-Con or Graceland? I would love to read a first-person story about the Gone Girl cruise hosted by Gillian Flynn. Reading mystery novels while traveling from Budapest to Vienna sounds delightful. 


J. Crew is going through a renaissance, which in my personal opinion is a bit of a yawn because they cater to such a small demographic (preppy, thin) and this whole “we are not fast fashion” PR spin is something a lot of fashion media seems to be taking at face value. But in doing a bit of research on the brand, I came across this 2012 advert with Katie Holmes, Adam Brody, Josh Duhamel, Malin Ackerman, and our number one boy, Kendall Roy (aka Jeremy Strong). Jeremy and Katie are long-time friends and I wonder if she got him the gig when he was still a struggling actor? He was one of the first people she was photographed with after she left Tom Cruise as she was trying to break into theatre. Oh and to show you how old the ad is, the story about it refers to her as “Mrs. Cruise.”  Please look at these photos. (If I was in charge of J.Crew, I’d try to recreate this ad but with the new line.)


Martha Stewart’s poor peacocks were killed by coyotes, months after her poor cat was killed by her dogs!!! What the actual f-ck?! This is horrible. And why is “Let’s Get it On” by Marvin Gaye playing in this video.


There’s been a lot of social media outrage about how celebrities are using their private jets, prompted by Kylie Jenner’s 17-minute flight. While she might be more boastful about it than others, she is far from the only wealthy person (be it a celebrity, tech billionaire, real estate scion or politician) to partake. Vice published a great article on one man's quest to ban private jets) and Vanity Fair just posted a story about super yachts, which we know is a standard celebrity summer trip. Some of them love their yachts as much as they love to talk about the climate emergency.