July 4th is a significant celebrity anniversary – Julia Roberts and Danny Moder. And if you say you knew it would last, I would side-eye you. Julia was a wonderfully chaotic love tornado. This relationship brought us “A Low Vera” and honestly, all these years later, I still don’t understand how the wording of that phrase came to be. I guess “Vera is Low” didn’t have the same ring to it. 


(Lainey: I just read this and immediately texted Maria – “ummmm, sorry, sorry, sorry but you don’t get that aloe vera is A Low Vera?!” And she confirmed that she did NOT get aloe vera/A Low Vera until just now when I told her. I am CRYINGGGGGG.) 

For a bit of gossip nostalgia, here is Julia talking at Oprah Winfrey about it, telling her the t-shirt message is private but she stands by it. She was papped in West Hollywood, clear as day with her blazer open, and calls it private. This is the kind of righteous delusion movie stars used to have and why it was such great gossip.


There is an extremely online fight happening between Olivia Culpo and bridal influencer @gowneyedgirl (Kennedy Bingham). This has all of the “touch grass” elements old people like me can shake their fists at. 

To be brief, gowneyedgirl (who says in multiple comments that people don’t comprehend her point) is saying that the way Olivia Culpo described her modest gown is patriarchal with tones of slut shaming, and also working with Dolce & Gabbana is wrong. I didn’t interpret the Vogue piece the same way as Kennedy but I think the way the argument has evolved is interesting. 


Kennedy calls Olivia a “pick me” while also posting comments like “no shame on her, but you can’t be a Maxim, Swimsuit Illustrated girlie and then act like you invented modesty because you got married.” IMO, that is absolutely meant to shame her. Same with the comments about her makeup. Kennedy also goes hard on Dolce & Gabbana and while some people hold true to their disdain of the brand for all the reasons, I don’t know if this is genuine concern or just a self-righteous social media “gotcha”. Sofia Richie wore Karl Lagerfeld and Kate Moss wore John Galliano when he was persona non gratis. Not to whataboutism this, but Kennedy is changing no one’s mind about Dolce one way or another and the repetitive comments feel more like a way for her to try to prove that Olivia is problematic. 


On the flip side, I see where Kennedy is coming from because if you cover celebrities, it’s incredibly hard to not get cynical or snarky. It’s like the 58-year-old celebrity who says her only skin care is a drugstore moisturizer. It insults our intelligence. Kennedy is analysing the influence of an influencer- that is fair game. I do it every day. And the reason this blew up is because Olivia and her husband are jumping in the comments and calling her evil. Big mistake. Huge. They’ve handed Kennedy massive engagement and she is eating it up, fighting in the comments, responding to multiple people, posting her photo in Page Six. Olivia has 5.5 million followers as well as a publicist, compared to Kennedy’s 96k. Ultimately, I don’t think arguments like this change anyone’s mind but the comment section rages on.


Now onto another wedding dress. Her look holds up better than his, no surprise. Like if I saw a celebrity wearing her gown on the red carpet, without any context, I wouldn’t love it but I wouldn’t freak out either. They also dusted off the thrones – 25 years is huge. For those of us who lived through the shaky years, this is a triumph!

Imagine having to apologize to… Diddy? Like how strongly worded are these legal letters. 


I didn’t know Vanessa Hudgens was pregnant until I saw a post about her going home from the hospital. Is it 2004? Who is asking for these photos? She literally just had a baby, leave her be. This is extremely regressive pap behaviour.