OK I’m not going to say Lainey stole my thunder this morning with this excellent post on the Beckhams but I can’t let an anniversary slip by without giving them something. I didn’t write about them yesterday because I wanted to see the outfits first and because this was not a year that they worried me so I feel at peace. 


Brooklyn’s marriage was a very big occasion and as Lainey said, it’s about all of the Beckhams, not just the two of them. Beyond this, there have been other signs that the marriage is solid: David has been skipping out on events that may have been questionable for him in the past (he didn’t appear to be at Glastonbury, despite his best friend David Gardner and several socialites attending). He seems to be traveling to Miami less, or bringing one of the boys with him if he does go. If there is an issue, my hunch is things are tense with Brooklyn. Yes he wished them a Happy Anniversary on stories (which Lainey included in her post) but there’s something a bit off – he and Nicola went to London and didn’t post about visiting his parents or siblings and he posts a lot. Brooklyn will sometimes “like” his dad’s posts but hasn’t liked one of Victoria’s in a long time. Nicola doesn’t like any of their posts. Victoria and David do not like Nicola’s posts. If this had always been the case then no big deal, but it hasn’t always been the case so that’s why it’s noticeable. Especially as Nicola’s trying to brand herself as the new Mrs. Beckham (though I believe they use the surname Peltz Beckham). 


The Beckhams are not the only anniversary: there’s Julia Roberts and Danny Moder (20 years! Who would have predicted this at the time?) and Diane Kruger and Norman Reedus (he still has very intense and odd stans, please don’t email me as I don’t understand what you’re mad about). 

Lil Nas X has shown his bravery many times and is doing it again by tweeting about cats and their people. 


If you are wondering why The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has been making so many headlines, it’s too layered to get into here (there’s a Daily Beast explainer by Kyndall Cunningham here) but I’m glad Garcelle Beauvais was famous before she joined the show and has so much fan support because the way the majority of the Beverly Hills cast is treating her and her family is despicable but not surprising. They are showing their asses, as Twitter would say. Andy Cohen should step in because the network has been using Garcelle for constant promotion and it’s shameful how they allow Lisa Rinna and her dusty wigs to post about Garcelle and other Black and WoC Housewives, not to mention the way the cast is treating Garcelle’s kids! Literal children! It’s a triage situation for Bravo because the fans are livid. I’m not one to demand a messy or even problematic Housewife be fired (the whole show is problematic and the only sin is being boring) but this is not just the show: it’s about the way the women are behaving towards Garcelle on social media (racialized remarks and constantly trying to taunt and embarrass her, which always backfires). If this is what they are doing publicly, what are they doing (or trying to do) to Garcelle behind closed doors? 


Bolu Babalola is a major talent and I can’t wait to read her new book, Honey & Spice, which is Reese’s Book Club pick of the month. Sometimes these titles also make it to a miniseries or movie and um, YES PLEASE. 

Attached - more shots of the Beckhams today in Venice.