Lily-Rose Depp is extremely hot thanks to The Idol right now and she wished her girlfriend 070 Shake a “Happy Birthday love of my life.” Lily-Rose is 24 and that is primetime to be head-over-heels and declare it to the world. 

Lily-Rose Depp's Instagram story

Eminem’s niece (whom he adopted and raised and often refers to as his daughter) got married over the weekend and his daughter Hailey is also engaged. Does that mean Eminem is coughing up for two weddings? Now I’m picturing Eminem sitting at the kitchen tables with his readers on, pouring over the budgets and just shocked at the prices. “Eighteen thousand dollars for center pieces, this can’t be right.”


If you don’t already follow Hajar Larbah on Instagram, I highly recommend her because she is the next big star in food. With one million followers, this is hardly a discovery but I think when her cookbook comes out it will be next level. And she does a homemade Filet-o-Fish!


Speaking of food influencers, Cameron Diaz released a collaboration salad (LOL) with Goop and it has lots of veggies and whatnot. It’s meant to pair with her wine but, and this could definitely just be me because I drink very rarely, if I’m having two glasses of wine at lunch I need fries or some kind of carb or I get a little woozy. Snow peas and puffed rice is not cutting it for me personally. 

The Beatles are releasing a new alum with AI completing the work of John Lennon. It will be his voice from a demo that has been isolated and cleaned up with some help. And you can bet a lot of entertainment lawyers are looking at this in terms of contracts and estate planning for their clients. 


Andy Cohen had to rehome his dog Wacha and they had a little reunion and it’s so sweet. 

Speaking of famous dogs, Dodger is the definition of puppy dog eyes. Give him all the treats! Yesterday was his dog walker’s birthday and there were lots of messages from Avengers but not from his girlfriend Alba Baptista. I’m sure some of his fans are thrilled that she didn’t because they can take it as a sign that they are broken up, that this is a PR relationship, that he secretly doesn’t want to be with her etc. Maybe she just didn’t want the unhinged reaction she knows would follow any kind of acknowledgement of their relationship. 


Ryan Reynolds can’t lose but my word do I hate this commercial. There’s annoying influencers and then there’s Jesse James Decker. 

I’m sorry but I fully support Aaron Rodgers at the Tonys and I encourage this kind of athlete crossover. He’s a Swiftie, a theatre kid, a QB and maybe even a flat earther. A real renaissance man.