I can’t wait to see Bros and as a bonus, the blossoming friendship of Mariah Carey and Billy Eichner is really a wonderful thing for all of us to enjoy. 


The Gang Launches a Whiskey Brand sounds like an It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia title, but it’s true: Glenn Howerton, Rob McElhenny and Charlie Day have launched a limited-edition, high-end whiskey (one is $999 and the other is $79), with proceeds going to Pennsylvania Restaurant and Lodging Association’s HARP (Hospitality Assistance Response of Pennsylvania). To really make it an It’s Always Sunny plot, there would have to be some kind of awful scam, like Dennis stealing from a charity that helps puppies with cancer.


Lilo & Stitch turned 20 this week and it remains one of the most heartfelt and underrated Disney films. Lilo and Nani are one of the best sibling relationships ever depicted on film, point blank period. Disney, which is all about pomp and circumstance and leaning into its own mythology, should have done much more to celebrate it. (Certified hottie Tia Carrere voiced the role of Nani.)


What if every movie started off with a celebrity thank you to Tom Cruise? No one loves the pictures more than Tommy. Just imagine like, Austin Butler saying, “Thank you very much, Tom Cruise,” in his Elvis accent. Maybe that’s what is needed to fix the industry. 

Brie Larson get a new social media person, we are begging you!


Anna Farris is a prolific podcaster (she hosts one and is often a guest on other podcasts), and her appearance on Dear Chelsea (hosted by Chelsea Handler) is making headlines because she talks about her two divorces. What’s interesting to me is that they seem like different kinds of separations – the first time, her star was rising but her husband’s did not. Then with Chris Pratt, she was much more famous than him when they married, they had a young child and during the course of their marriage, Chris went from relatively unknown to movie star. Fame is just one aspect of the business, of course, and maybe didn’t matter that much, but she has spoken about competitiveness in her relationships. I bet she would write a really interesting memoir.