Chris Pratt is on the cover of Men’s Health and talks about religion so the reaction might be very strong in some corners of the internet. Chris’s standing as the Worst Chris has been made clear by social media but as we know, that is not the consensus with audiences or his Marvel colleagues (some of whom have vehemently defended him). 


It’s an interesting interview, both in how the journalist goes in with a theory on why the collective “we” doesn’t like Chris (because he went from “not” everyman to “hot” superhero), but Chris is a little more insightful into how his messaging at the MTV Movie & TV Awards (of all places) didn’t land. And one thing that’s also interesting is that Chris got a lot of heat for Hillsong when he was never an ardent follower (I’m not sure if he’s never been like he says in the interview, as there seem to be some pap shots of him attending a service?) and there are many celebrities who were very involved there, including volunteering. At the time, Hillsong was kind of like a millennial Christian nightclub. Chris mentions Zoe Church and the pastor there is Chad Veach, who has been tight with the Kardashians (a far more influential cultural force than Chris) for years. Like all celebrity storylines, the conversation around Chris Pratt isn’t necessarily about Chris Pratt but what he reflects and represents. 

Justin Timberlake in khakis again?! I thought he gave those up. 


Succession typically films in the summer and it’s a long shoot, often with several international stops. I can’t wait to watch these terrible people be terrible to each other for another season. 

Imagine getting this note from Beyoncé?!!!!!


It’s “celebrities on yachts” season and I don’t know anything about boats (and definitely nothing about yachts) so someone needs to tell me what the rule is about wearing shoes. Is it frowned upon? Dua Lipa is wearing boots with a heel that looks like it could get caught in the floor.

There are rumours that Leonardo DiCaprio and Camila Morrone have broken up and while the math checks out, I’m not entirely convinced. Less than a month ago, Leo was with his dad and Al Pacino, who dated Camila’s mother for a very long time (and it seems like the two are still close). Leo doesn’t stay connected to his exes (at least not publicly) so if there’s a continued familial connection, that’s an indicator they are still together. 


Riley Keough has been busy promoting the Elvis movie and she has Daisy Jones and the Six coming up (I can’t wait!). She has a strong relationship with Louis Vuitton and I love this look, it’s kind of monkish but also looks like armour.