Madonna is disappointed in the NYT which is quite confusing – it’s very well done, which is not an easy feat for Vanessa Grigoriadis considering that the subject comes with decades of footnotes. The story works because it’s specific in the details (like the shiny teapot and the art hung at a “confrontational” height), it explores the legend of where she came from and how she influences the pop star landscape, and it touches on her latest creative rebirth as she navigates life as a single mother of 6 (yes, at 60). Madonna never quite lets Vanessa in, and that’s part of what makes the story so readable; the icon trying to control the conversation and the journalist trying to parse the performance from the person. Long live the celebrity profile.


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They really do not make magazine covers like this anymore: casual, minimally styled,  and “authentic” (in a way that isn’t contrived or overused). You can imagine the interview is them just chatting away while they smoke cigarettes and pick at a plate of French fries.


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It’s “celebrity kids go to prom” season. Prom looks haven’t changed much, have they? It’s an area that seems unaffected by fashion trends.


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Despite Miranda Lambert trying to tell everyone her private life is her business, she can’t help but talk about her husband and their blended family (he had a baby around the time he met Miranda). This is what makes her so good for gossip


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Joey Fatone is saying bye bye bye to his wife (apologies, couldn’t stop myself) but he’s also talking about a possible ‘NSync reunion, minus JT, of course. I think it could totally work as long as JC is there.


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Nicole Richie is very selective about her events and when she does show up, she commits. It’s a shame she hasn’t attended the Met Gala in so long. I wonder why she stopped going. 


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Of course Dead to Me got a second season; it’s highly bingeable and ended on a cliff-hanger. My only concern is that [redacted] won’t be back. If you’ve seen the last episode, you know who I’m talking about. 


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