Amy Schumer continues to use materials cut from the Oscars for her stand up and for each punchline, it’s pretty obvious why it was cut. It’s not offensive but it just wasn’t funny.


I was going to open with the Wagatha Christie trial today but Lainey beat me to it. You know whose thoughts I’d love to hear on this? Victoria Beckham, who has lived that life and all of the drama that comes with it, including leaked texts and scandals. But it’s not her style to comment about other celebrities or wade into tabloid drama. Still, there must be private thoughts, right? How could anyone familiar with the players not have some kind of opinion on it. 

Mindy Kaling posted a first look at the new season of Never Have I Ever.  Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. 


This story in Harper’s Bazaar by Jo Livingstone about how “Mercury in retrograde” became a viral phrase that works as a catch-all for bad luck on social media. 

Mother’s Day was on Sunday but because the Instagram algorithm is so messed up (why can’t it just be in chronological order????), I’m still seeing posts. As usual, I’m puzzled by the celebrity men who have children with more than one woman and only post about their current partner. Is this tacky or totally normal not to acknowledge the other person? I think it’s the former. 


You know who has always puts a lot of thought into celebrating Mother’s Day? Diddy. He posts about each of his children’s mothers every year. In a 2020 interview with Dream Hampton for Essence, Diddy talked about how they came together in life and after Kim Porter’s death.


Garret Hedlund joined Instagram in January of 2022 and is pretty active. He sometimes posts handwritten notes, like he did for Emma Roberts. A note like this or a card feels so much more personal than a card, no? Or, worst of all, the Notes app.