Like Lainey, like all of us, I am fully immersed in TNT but I’m not an informed viewer, so have had to do some catchup. That includes research on a kiss emoji, which our protagonist included in her post about Argentina. 


Now we know a kiss is never just a kiss so this emoji holds weight. I’ve looked through a few months of her posts and she is a frequent emoji user – hearts, puppy dog eyes, smiley face with sunglasses. No kiss until now, right? (I’m sure if I’m wrong, a Swiftie will school me.) But she’s trained us all to look for Easter eggs, so I think what we are seeing is a clue. It’s all a clue!


Gigi Hadid commented directly on a Perez Hilton post about the rumours that Taylor’s friends are “concerned” about Travis Kelce. She wrote: “I’m a couple days late to this tag.. but didn’t the press try this last week w Selena? Let it be.. we are all over the moon for our girl. Period. ❤️‍🔥” We all called BS because of the vague sources and the tone – why would Taylor’s friends run to Page Six? It was low-hanging fruit. As for Gigi, it is a human reaction to defend herself and her friend but unfortunately, now this response is a whole other round of headlines. 


Carol Alt has joined Only Fans. Good for you Carol, get that bread! I once spoke to an OnlyFans creator who made $100k a MONTH. And for those with name recognition, it’s like spicy Cameo.


According to Page Six, Tony Danza was involved in a small sidewalk dispute over a dog in which someone said, ““Tony Danza, stop being an a–hole!” Saying his entire name in the insult, if it even happened, is so funny to me. It’s very Curb Your Enthusiasm. This is exactly the kind of low-stakes skirmish Larry David would get into. 


Lukas Gage and Chris Appleton had a splashy wedding and are now getting divorced. It’s been less than a year. Much less. And you know this is going to be messy because there’s a direct gossip correlation between the fanfare of the wedding and the brevity of the marriage in equation to the drama of the split. Lukas hasn’t scrubbed Chris yet and vice versa but this photo is from May. Chris posed with Lukas in September but it looked more like a work/social obligation. Expect the leaks to start in 3, 2, 1....


Barbra Streisand says the re-release of The Way We Were will include two new scenes that better explain Katie and Hubbell’s split. I adore this movie and watch it at least twice a year and each time, I see more reasons on why they couldn’t work. Katie was fiery and uncompromising and Hubbell was a vibe bro. He was a very good looking guy who got through life with his money and charm and didn’t want to try too hard or be bothered too much. Her passion and his apathy eventually wore down the relationship.