The first season of And Just Like That… was a frenzy of pap photos, and while there have been some pap shots taken (including the ones attached to this post), the frenzy hasn’t really happened for the second season. It seems like we are hearing a lot less about it, which isn’t a bad thing – it’s good to keep some of the mystery. Sarah Jessica Parker posted this photo of a classic Carrie Bradshaw outfit with the clashing patterns and colour combos that feel like they shouldn’t go together but on her, they do. She’s really feeling this look.


Chrissy Teigen is in a social media controversy (again) because of her collaboration with The Caker and the subsequent release of a limited-edition Cravings by Chrissy Teigen line of mixes. The Caker’s Jordan Rondel posted about it and her side of the story is that she collaborated with Chrissy and was told Cravings was also releasing a line and she (Jordan) chose to press ahead with them. She feels the Cravings boxes are too similar to The Caker to be a coincidence and Rondel is getting a lot of support from food bloggers and her clients. My opinion probably doesn’t line up with many but I’m less inclined to believe this was a moustache-twirling plan to sink The Caker and more of a branding coincidence. Are the boxes similar? Yes. (The front more so than the back, which is a standard design.) But the white background, soft hues and “hand reaching for food” aesthetic is very popular in food styling (check out Milk Bar’s Instagram feed, they’ve been doing this for years). That said, I recognize that it is very hard to be a small business and go up against a well-funded celebrity line. I get that. Jordan’s caption says, in part, “Chrissy was actually lovely to work with and I don't want this to turn into a dramatic witch hunt, I just want to say thank you to my community” but by liking some pretty harsh comments and continuing to repost in her Instagram stories, it seems like she’s leaning into the drama. Her words say one thing but her actions are saying another. It’s a baking David versus Goliath story. Still… something about this whole thing feels off to me and I can’t quite figure it out. Let’s see if Chrissy comments. The Cravings mixes are sold out so there might be no point for her to engage at this point. 


Not sure about you but I’ve definitely been pronouncing Adele’s name incorrectly. Also, I don’t know her last name. Not a clue! Even one name wonders like Beyoncé and Madonna have last names that we know. Do you know her last name? (I Googled it but will forget it in five minutes.)


JLo posted about redecorating her and Ben’s home before their wedding in Savannah and this is fascinating to me because he bought it when they were dating, they were supposed to have their wedding at the house and then, well, we know what happened. But he held onto the place all through his marriage with Jennifer Garner and many girlfriends. And he went there with Ana de Armas when they were together but, really, was it just a shrine to JLo for all these years??? This is what I want to read about in the next On the JLo newsletter.


The bar for celebrity endorsements is subterranean but does anyone believe Kelly Ripa is having a nice cold glass of MILK for breakfast? Cow’s milk, no less. With a paper straw! This is just insulting.