Maria’s on a break for the next couple of days so I’m taking over… but we’re doing something different because I was short on time today and so it was Jacek who curated this list based on his personal celebrity social media interests. And we start with Dua Lipa who was seen at Narita airport in Tokyo the other day, which is where we were just yesterday waiting for my parents who were coming through Japan on their way to Hong Kong.  


Dua posted a carousel from various spots around Tokyo including a shot of her at what appears to be the Shibuya Scramble which is what I basically did because I love it so much. Like four times straight. And it was also on my IG stories. Are Dua and I aligned on our Japanese IG content? Because in addition to Shibuya, she also included a shot of Mount Fuji from her hotel room. And … same! That was also my view!  


We are now in Hong Kong and so was South Korean actor Cha Eun-woo the other day for a Dior event. Eun-woo. I am impressed that Jacek included this on his list and I’m not actually convinced he knows who Eun-woo is, but he says that Eun-woo checks several boxes for me: he’s beautiful, he’s an idol, and he stars in K-dramas. In fact he’s currently starring in a K-drama I haven’t started yet called A Good Day To Be A Dog and I can’t wait to binge it when I get home.  


I didn’t plan it this way but Hong Kong is expected to be celebrity central in the next few days because Pharrell will be presenting his pre-fall men’s collection for Louis Vuitton here on November 30.  

The Premier League was on break this past weekend for International play and South Korea played China in a World Cup qualifier that South Korea won 3-0. There was all kinds of drama around the game with mobs of fans lashing out at Chinese Son Heung-min aka “Sonny” fans wearing his jersey. That’s how popular he has become across Asia. He scored two goals in the win and is currently having a strong season for Jacek’s team Spurs in the EPL under their new head coach.  


This is even after the departure of Harry Kane this past summer to Bayern Munich. He was Spurs all-time leading scorer and within reach of the all-time goals record in English football behind Alan Shearer. Even still, he left to bag a couple of major trophies because Jacek’s team Spurs looked like they would never sniff another top finish before Harry’s career was done. I am posting about Harry against my will because I have had to endure years of hearing “Harry, what the F-CK are you doing” waking me up on Saturday or Sunday mornings.  


Still with a Jacek inspired CSM, we’re going to randomly check in with Lori Harvey because every time he sees her his jaw drops. As it should.  And here she with a ridiculous “Pink Friday” for PrettyLittleThing.  

And while we’re with Lori, let’s check in with Michael B Jordan because we can bring it full circle back to Japan. Wait, was he there when we were there?!    


Finally, because when I’m sub in for Maria, we always end on BTS… although I’m not really all that happy about this piece of BTS news: Jungkook and Justin Timberlake? I don’t want it. That said, it also tells you how f-cking thirsty JT is. He used the *NSYNC reunion to generate goodwill before Britney’s memoir, and now he’s trading on BTS and JK for clout. But doesn’t that just mean he’s not all that relevant anymore?