As a non-American, the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade is something I know is a big deal, even if I don’t quite understand the randomness of the floats. I’ve never actually watched it but this slow-motion Barney crash has me mesmerized. If that happened today, we’d have dozens of TikToks clips of the big purple dinosaur being ripped apart but what makes this clip so special is that it’s a bird’s eye view of the controlled chaos. Absolutely sick of talking to extended family this weekend? Show them this clip. It’s unifying. For those who prefer an oral history, Esquire has it.


Cher is in capital “L” LOVE! (Or maybe capital “L” LUST.) And while “age gaps” are a huge topic on social media, he is 36-years-old. A grown age. As Stephanie wrote, there are other things to side-eye him about (like cheating on his former partner with a dozen women) but at the same time, Cher has a lot of experience in life. Do you know how many people Cher has gotten through breakups with “Do youuuuu believe in life after love”? That one line has inspired many drunken, heartbroken singalongs. She has seen a lot and lived a lot. We don’t need to worry about Cher.


We know how hard Brooklyn and Nicola Beckham-Peltz have been working to become famous and with every piece of fluff PR there are dozens of comments dunking on them. But this – a friendship with an A-list celebrity – is something money can’t buy. And from Selena Gomez’s  perspective, it would probably be a safe friendship because Brooklyn grew up in a famous family and Nicola is extremely wealthy, so there’s a level of discretion and understanding there. She doesn’t have to worry about them selling her out to a tabloid, at least not directly. 


The Hollywood Reporter has a new story on celebrity entrepreneurs, breaking down the best and biggest “side hustles” that become extremely lucrative stand-alone businesses. There are the usual suspects like Ryan Reynolds, Drew Barrymore, The Rock and Jennifer Aniston but there were a few brands I had never heard of as well. (Gal Gadot has a mac and cheese line?!) The piece is very complimentary and doesn’t interrogate the viability of the businesses, the complexity of licensing deals or the bold claims made (like sales number) but I still found it an interesting read, particularly as the list is dominated by women.  


A lot has changed on Twitter, but one person has stayed the same. I’m quite certain Liam Gallagher doesn’t even know Elon Musk bought Twitter, nor would he care. Rock stars don’t concern themselves with such things.