Julia Roberts rarely posts about her children but we did see Hazel with her dad Danny in Cannes back in July. Hazel and Phinnaeus are now 17 and to commemorate, Julia posted this shot for their birthday (it looks very similar to her PEOPLE magazine cover at the time). But that cover was not the first public photos of the twins – that honour went to Oprah, who had Julia on as a guest while she was pregnant and again when the twins were 5 months. That is exclusivity! 


When I clicked on this GQ story about The Kid Laroi, I thought the song would be “Without You” (Miley Cyrus remix) but that’s not his most ubiquitous hit. He’s a wee one at 18 and has solidified his origin story (hard-knock life, chance meeting with Charlie Puth) and it all feels precarious because we’ve seen this kind of stratospheric rise before. But he’s off Instagram for now, which is probably a good thing. 


What did Miley have to say she was smoking after these photos came out? Salvia? I still don’t know what that is. In the long run, this picture probably helped her transition out of Hannah Montana faster than a new album ever could, though I hope she knows who leaked it. That’s an automatic lifetime ex-communication from the circle of trust.

There’s a new preview for Ivy Park x Adidas that dropped (but it’s not yet on Bey’s Instagram). 

Very interested in the houndstooth print and looking forward to the full body shots. 


No one tosses a word salad quite like Matthew McConaughey and his statement about why he is not running for governor of Texas is a mix of his Oscar speech and Lincoln commercials.

Martha Stewart on the pressure of having to use up the last of the truffles before traveling— she’s a living, breathing Town & Country headline. 


People keep putting this clip of Jon Bernthal saying, “You can call me whatever you want” in my timeline so now I’m putting it in yours. It’s called paying it forward.