Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Seyfried and Lacey Chabert were spotted filming together and I’m thinking this has to be for the Super Bowl. Apparently it's a Pepsi commercial. 


We know Marshall Mathers is a homebody but he really turned it on at the Detroit Lions game. He whooped it up and posted about it on social media. The Taylor Swift Effect! 


JVN has a lush head of hair and, not coincidentally, a hair care line. While I’m not often tempted to try celebrity products, I have a few items in my cart based on this photo alone. It doesn’t look like they have a blowout in this photo but still their hair is bouncy and healthy. This is the litmus test for me: anyone can look good after being professionally styled, but how does their hair look on a regular day? JVN’s hair looks good. 


Lainey wrote about Gwyneth’s 73 Questions and I’ve been screaming because she mentions singing twice and then sings – remember when she tried to become a country singer? Most of the time she completely ignores that whole country era (she has said, several times, that she essentially retired after Proof, even though she’s done several films since then). Her love of singing also led her to Glee, where she met her now-husband Brad Falchuk. They were both married at the time and it’s interesting that it’s even brought up. Although now, five years into the marriage, I guess there’s really no fear of kicking up gossip. 


Speaking of patronizing white women who can identify 27 different types of lettuce, Martha Stewart is getting into it with critics about her s’mores. She posted the “very best s’mores ever” with homemade marshmallows and people are mad it is burnt. I agree with Martha here, I like a char on my marshmallow but overall, when we really take stock of things, is a s’more worth it? In a group setting and with a fire going, yes. It’s a novelty dessert that fits that exact circumstance. Should other foods (like cereal or tea) be “s’more flavoured”? No. 

I believe Heidi Klum when she said she loses sleep over her Halloween costumes because the expectation is so high. It’s a bar she set with her crazy-ass getups. Remember the worm? These aren’t even costumes, they are like performance art. 


How many Barbie and Ken couple costumes will we see this Halloween? These three couples are my prime suspects.