The big social media story today is Hilary Swank announcing her pregnancy with twins. Pretty cute. 


From two babies to seven – the Baldwins have posted a family portrait, minus Ireland. I cannot imagine the amount of diapers and Goldfish crackers this family must burn through. 

OK I hate the new It bag, the JW Anderson pigeon clutch but I get why Carrie would have one. 


This post about breast health awareness is important on its own. Much less important is the Miu Miu button down Jessica Alba is wearing as this is everywhere for fall, the same way the Miu Miu mini skirt was everywhere this summer. The white version is nearly sold out on Ssense.

We’ve had a few Pulp Fiction reunions over the years (like at the Oscars) but it never gets old, does it? Dark movie, heartwarming cast. 


This clip of an emotional Constance Wu on The View is making the rounds on Twitter, as is a lot of speculation about the identity of the actress who DM’d her, with people honing in on the “someone I worked with” clue. I don’t know who it is but I do know that the guessing and assumptions is probably going to lead to more online abuse of Asian American actresses, especially one in particular, which is obviously not Constance’s point in telling this story or her intent. 


We know nepo babies are everywhere but here’s one I didn’t expect: Sydney Chandler (from Don’t Worry Darling, a little movie no one talked about) is Coach Taylor (Kyle Chandler’s) daughter!!!! (I saw this on Sarah’s Twitter first, so thank you Sarah.)