Burning Man is not as celeb-heavy as Coachella but this year, a few made their way to the desert including Kaia Gerber and Cindy Crawford. Could you do Burning Man, or any festival, with your mom?


Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly are still together despite rumbles of a split – he’s in the third photo. It’s completely normal for couples to go from obsessed with each other to a quieter kind of love, but they were so performative in the beginning that even if nothing is off, it kind of seems like something is off. 

New York Fashion Weeks is back and with it, the awkward collaborations that always seem to pop up around these events. Here’s Karlie Kloss for Roblox. My kids play Roblox and I have no idea what it is, what the goal is, what the characters are about or how the games work, even though they have spent hours talking to me about it and trying to get me to buy them gems/coins/tokens or whatever the in-game currency is. The post also tags Fashion Klosette, Karlie’s avatar world that hosted virtual designer pop-up stores in the metaverse for a few weeks in July. Players could buy the “clothing” to wear in their Roblox life. Seems like it was a pilot project to see if there was a demand. 


I love everything about Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery (including the title!) and cannot wait to see it. Everyone is doing the right amount of work in this photo. 


The phrase “he’d go to the opening of an envelope” isn’t used a lot anymore, but John Legend is that guy. Talk shows, award shows, talent shows, celebrity birthday parties, private concerts, events sponsored by alcohol brands, a garage sale on a Tuesday afternoon – John Legend will be there. He probably brings his own mic “just in case.”


Did Ben Affleck write, produce and direct this segment? It’s an issue he holds dear to his heart.